Un buen amigo mío me compartió este artículo acerca de la evolución del ser humano, y lo quiero compartir con ustedes, el nombre del autor es Thomas Moore.  Espero que te guste!!



One Anthropologist stated that "Modern Man" came out of Africa 20,000 yeas ago. I think that there were earlier waves of Early Man coming out, and evidence that Modern Man evolved
outside Africa as well as in Africa. There appears to be instances of parallel evolution.

Also the term "Modern Man" is rather fluid. I used the term Pre-Modern Man in my last essay. Just what is meant by Modern? Ask a teen ager. He or she will say it started with the invention
of the cell phone. Most older people will say it started with the invention of the Atomic Bomb in World War II. (Atomic energy was discovered before that. I will get back to that). Some will say
it bagan with the Industrial Age in 19th Century. Historians usually equate the Modern Era with the invention of Writing and Early Civilization. Some refer to what they call the Age of Iron.
This corresponds roughly with what Mdm Blavatsky calls the Aryan Age (which was preceded by the Atlantian Age. I want to make some comments about that since so much fiction has been
written about that subject, including the crude fantasy film by Walt Disney). Anthropologist refer to Modern Man from a genetic point of view however. This puts the beginning of Modern Man
about 20,000-40,000 years ago.
So first I want to dispell many misconceptions people have about what I just mentioned. Granted some things are just not taught in school.
ATOMIC ENERGY: Most people think Atomic Energy was discovered during WWII. I digress here but that's OK. I observe just how ignorant most people are about history. And more than that,
they don't want to know things. Now, I hated Histroy in High School because it was boring and was concerned mostly with which Army or country beat which other Army or country in war.
Most of what I have become interested in and learned about I did on my own. So, I don't mind sharing a little. Some have said about "those who do not remember histroy will  be doomed to
repeat it". I certainly notice politians and leaders making same mistakes over and over in history. Like the TV promo says: "The more you know".
OK, so here are some facts .Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-rays in 1875, and studied Uranium in 1995. Piere and Marie Curie studied Uranium starting in 1895. Max Planck studied
radiation and atomic theory starting 1899. Ernest Rutherford studied radioactivity starting in 1899. Albert Einstein  wrote his Special Theory of Relativity in 1905, and wrote a comprohensive
treatise on Atomic Energy about 1915. Niel Bohr  described Quantum Theory in 1913.
It is quite possible that ancients may have known things, although probably couched in religious or metaphysical symbolism, that has been "lost". Certainly we know much was lost due the
Christianized Romans destroying the Library at Alexandria, and burning or destroying all which was different from the officially accepted version of christianity, as well as murdering all who
disagreed or did not accept their new christianity, or who studied history, science, or other religions. One example is that the folk at Alexandria not only knew the Earth was round, but Ptolomy
using geometry accurately measured the Earth's circumference within 5% accuracy and estimated the distance to the Sun. They knew the Earth circled the Sun. Then for a thousand years,
anyone who did not accept the official christian belief that the Earth was flat and the Sun circled the Earth was burned at the stake, or otherwise killed. We learn in school about Christopher
Colombus who in 1492, after years of trying in vain to get sponsor for him to sail West to prove world round, only got the sponsorship because Queen Isabel had crush on him. Very few
believed him.
We observe that highly developed Yogis seem to have supernatiural powers. We see that the few remnants of high Shamanic practices connect with forces and energies outside the purely
physical. For example the ancient traditions of the Amerindian and Australian Abo. Psychic energies and forces underly all life. Various talents crop up all the time in people of all sorts.
Primative cultures seem more connected to subtle forces and seem more in tune with subtle forces. This  may be partly genetic, but I am sure it has to do with living closer to nature,
not being distracted by the noise of the "modern" world, and the distractions of civilization, and the corruption of modern religious practices. Primitive cultures centered around their
shamanic religions to a great degree. There was also the time of the White Goddess in pre-history in parts of the world, and the Wiccan and Gaian religious practices. But it also true that
the more "sensitive" and intellectual individuals have suffered and died to a greater degree due the wars and slaughter that has characterized the "modern" world. In other words, we may
be suffering a genertic setback on the Evolutionary roadway.  It has been noted from Cro-Mangan skull measurements, that the brain size of Cro-Mangan appears to average 1500 cc,
where modern man brain size averages 1300 cc. Sample size may be small that we cannot be too sure of accuracy, but it suggests that we have lost some potential since Cro-Mangon.
So, this does suggest that ancient mankind may have had better psychic connection, although like today, maybe limited to the more advanced.
ATLANTIS: Plato mentioned that an Island of Atlantis did exist in the Mediterraian Sea. That mention was all but forgotten until Mdm Blavatsky in about 1888 mentioned that Atlantis did
exist (however she said it was a continent that sank 850,000 years ago, giving rise to the Atlantis legend). She named the Era prior to the current Era the Atlantian Age, or Age of Atlantis.
Much has been spun off about it. Fictional themes about Atlantis often tell of mystical powers, or fantastic civilizations. This is mostly imaginative Caca. There is a grain of truth however.
As mentioned in the last paragraph, we may have suffered some losses in the present Era. Several models tell of a period of decline, fall from Grace, or fall from a Golden age or whatever.
We must remember also that the description of Era or Ages is a model. It is not like one day the world was Atlantian, and the next day the world was Aryan. Also, it is not same everywhere.
There are still a few stone age cultures in the World.  And in the modern world there are more than a few individuals whose mentality is still stone age, even if they drive Mercedes, sit on
corporate boards, hold political office, or make 50 million dollars a year as film actors or sports stars.
Mdm Blavatsky's time line seems off a lot. And her comments about different blood lines being at different levels of Evolution was worded poorly and sounding racist to some people. But she
asserts we are ALL one Blood and Species, all one Brotherhood, regardless of differences. And as we will discuss, several bloodlines may have been separate for 100,000 years or more.
Mdm Blavatsky thought that man arose much much further back in time, ans  Atlantis was a continent which sank beneath the ocean 850,000 years ago  so that the sinking of Atlantis, if true,
occurred near the beginning of the Atlantis Age, not the end, by modern time lines). It is true that fossil evidence found in the 20th century supports the idea that primates in general and man
in particular arose much later and much more rapid than earlier thought suggested.
So here's the skinny. We do not have to go to fantasy to learn about Atlantis. Ancient Egypt, Babylon, and ancient China and India are examples of the final phase of the Age. Although there
were emperors, the age is characterized by a religious and spiritual dominated culture that began with the cave man's first wondering about the forces of nature and the development of
Shamanism. Exactly when that started is unknown. But Shamanism is the root of all modern religions. Even the Roman and Greek gods strarted out as personifying forces of nature and
human personalties.There was also a high culture in Crete, and on the island of Atlantis. Atlantis was completely destroyed by gigantic volcano explosion, and it disappeared beneath the sea.
Geological history does record that an island was destroyed in the Mediterrian that way, although recorded history relates nothing about that island. Some speculate that Atlantis existed
in the Atlantic. The Island of Atlantis did not, but since we identify the Atlantian Age with Shamanism which has existed world wide, and covers a span of a million or more years, and the
Island of Atlantis is identified with the final phase of the Age of Atlantis, then we assume that the Atlantis Age is a state of mind, not a place. Blocks of carved square stone have been
located beneath the sea near Burmuda, which cause some to speculate Atlantis was there. Also, the traditions of the MesoAmerican cultures such as the Aztrec and Mayan speak of a
prophet who came from foreign lands long before the rise of their culture and taught religion, philosophy and metaphysics. I met with one author about 40 years ago who published a book
about the connection between Mayan and other MesoAmerican cultures and ancient Egypt. Others have speculated the same. So, it not too much stretch of imagination to speculate that
there was connection with an Atlantian culture. But remember that for the bulk of the Atlantian Age, society was non techno, starting with Cave Men and slowly developing thru Agricultural
societies. An Age starts with Crude experssions and inquiry, develops thru highly successful practices and rituals (the hiigh point of shaminism), and ends with overly superficial expressions
and less true understanding, as in Egypt where bigger and bigger pyramids and monuments were made, but less understanding of what they symbolized, and a priest class more concerned
with ritual and material wealth. Those that kept the ancient truths had to become more secretive (as the Thebes Brotherhood  did in Egypt, and the TransHimalyan Brotherhood did in Tibet).
The Ayrian Age began with the crude outporing of conquest with the new weapons (tools) of Iron, and progressed to our Industrian Age, and hopefully on to the subera of "Appripriate
Technology", and new concerns of Ecological balance..
No record remains of any older real civilizations. However since they were not "technological", they would have left scant remains. Before Babylon , there was Sumer, like the Old Kingdom
in Egypt, before 3200 years ago, there was less construction of monumants but more  metaphysical reality. Some Judo-Christian scholars think their "Garden of Eden" legend had its
inspiration or really existed in the beginnings of the Sumer culture. There was found in Iraq some years ago, impressions made in clay, like many of the oldest tablet writings, of what is felt
is one of the oldest found writing to date, which was named the Culhar Fragments. It tells of a story of a civilization "ancient at the time of the telling". So here we have the oldest know
writing telling of a civilization ancient even at that time. Of course it could have just been a "story". 
ARYAN: Mdm Blavatsky named our current Age the Aryan Age. Describing that will be getting ahead of ourselves a bit but does get back around to the main topic. That term has been sadly
misused and misinterpreted as well. Some of the readers will recall how Adolf Hitler used that term. Hitler had read Occult literature and was trained in Black Magic, which interprets things
backwards. He proceeded to twist, turn upside down and grievously misuse what he read. Besides, Hitler was functionally insane. The real inside story of Hitler is not a secret now, although
few know about it, and would be surprised. But that is a whole different topic,  so I won't elaborate on it now. But I will describe what is really menat by Aryan.
About 2000 years ago, there was a great outporing or warriors from the region now know as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, formerly in Soviet Russia, and adjacent Southern Russia.
This was something quite different from the previous Empires of the Late Atlantian Age which slowly grew. And this type of warrior conquest was repeated by other groups since then, and
later by gross Empire building, usually by military conquest, and as time went on large and larger scale wars. This new thing is sometimes called by others the Age of Iron. Blavatsky called
this new thing the beginning of the Aryan Age. The name is derived from the fact that three of the groups of tribes from this area were the Aryan, Caucasian, and Hittite tribes.
The Aryans went East conquering all, spreading their seed, and absorbing local tribes as far as India. They changed the nature of civilization and religion of India, but were absorbed.
It is generally thought it is the reason why in India today, that the people in the North of the country are tall, and the further South you go in India the shorter and darker are the people,
since the Aryans came in from the North into India. But there is still some dispute about it, somewhat because of pride.The Indo-Irianians were also descended from Aryans.
The Hittites  migrated into Anatolia (Turkey) and displaced or absorbed prior residents, extended their empire into Syria, Lebanon, and Masopotamia. They are mentioned in Homer's
Iliad. They are mentioned in the Bible and identified, rightly or wrongly, with Canannites. The Hittites, unlike the other two group of tribes actually established a kingdom, although were also
know for raiding. The Hyksos who migrated into Egypt and established rule in Lower Egypt for 100 years are thought to be Syro-Palestinians and could therefore be Hittites or Syro-Palestines
fleeing Hittite expansion..
The Caucasians spread West, overrunning Europe. They created no Empire, but they spread their seed and language thruout Europe except for Iberian peninsula.  Their influence appears
to have been less in Scandanavia. The Caucasians apparently were brown haired. Do you know that the reason white people are sometimes called Caucasians is because of that!!!!
That is another example of what I mean. What? Many people who call themselves  Caucasians, don't know why or where the term originated. Duh!!! 
Their overrunning and absorbing almost all is why in description of language our major language group is called the Indo-European language group. Root words and similarities in
language can be observed from India to all Europen languages including Russian. There are some notable differences due later migrations, and the one notable exception is the Basque
language, due the fact that secure behind the Pyranees mountains they, or at least some of them, missed out on all the fun and games of conquest, wars, rape and pillage going on
for a long time. Once their tribes were the original inhabitants of all of "Spain". To this time they retain a portion of their original territory in NE Spain (although part of Spain) in spite of
the OsterGoths, later Romans, later the Arabs, and finally the French (who liberated Spain from the Arabs).  Even today, they still speak their own language in their homes, and want their
independence, which has lead to some civil problems for Spain, which like almost all nations will fight rather than grant anyone indelpendence.
One thing to remember about ancient times, is that the world's popuilation was very small compared with today. What might be described as masses of people in ancient times would
seem like a handful to us. Some of the ruins of ancient towns uncovered are smaller than the homes of some of our rich film actors. Villeges over run by Hittite and Caucasian warriors
in Europe at the time may have consisted of 10-12 huts.
EVOLUTION OF MAN: It was previously thought that various pre-human Australopithecus species  (4 to 2 mya {million years ago}) gave rise to the first human species Homo Habilis
or "Handy Man" (oldest remains found about 2.3 mya) which gave rise to H. Erectus or "Upright Man", which gave rise to H. CroMangum about 40,000 years ago, and the first H. Sapien
about 20,000 years ago. It now is revealed much more complicated.  A new species of Australopith,  A. Sediba, with small ape brain and long monkey like arms, has more evolved hips
like H. Erectus but dated as 1.9 mya, younger that the oldest H. Habilis find. Remains earlier than Australopiths, named Ardipithecus Ramidus (4.4 mya) have been found that some feel
are the common ancestors of man and chimpanzees. Others think "Ardi" is a side branch. The well publiciuzed "Lucy" was an Australopithecus Afarensis. There are at least 6 species of
Australopithecus. Four are identified as "Graciles", and two as "Robustus". In the Part one I described how the Robustus drove the Graciles out of the jungle, which stimulated evolution.
A bone fragment found recently in Siberia 40,000 year old has mitachondrial DNA so different from CroMangon or Neanderthal, that researchers feel a common ancestor must be 1 million
years ago, taking that back to earliest human days.  This suggests human and maybe pre-human ancestors or side branches have been coming out of Africa very much earlier than traditional
thinking had suggested, and that there were side lines of humans co-existing in Europe and Asia, and maybe interbreeding.  If we could do extensive DNA research on present day humans
and on all fossil find, I think there would be surprises. And I think if we can find more remains of fossils, there will be more surprises. Of course now, there has been extensive interbreeding
between various tribes, especially in Europe, DNA samples would be confusing. I would like to see studies on the Orangatang of SE Asia.How did it's ancestors get there from Africa. And what
is the DNA relationship with what we are finding now about our ancxestors.
PART THREE: I had planned this essay to be two part, but now find it needs a Part Three. To Be Continued


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