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Today Americans seem to be obsessed with vampires. As well as obsessed with comic book heroes, chain saw murders, Chucky and the like. Personally I feel this just shows how stupid, crass, and craven the tastes are of average Americans.
However, I am going to tell a relevant part of the story of Count Dracula. I wrote an essay a year or two ago of more complete story of Count Dracula, which I will send to anyone requesting.
The vampire craze started with a 1897 book by Bram Stoker, Count Dracula, based loosely on the real life 14th century Count Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler. Vlad was a Count of Romania (the name was different then), which was part of the Hungarian Empire. During the 14th century and for time before that, the Islamic Turks were invading the Balkans.
Albania allied itself with the Turks. The Serbs were making bloody resistance, but eventually lost and were occupied. (incidentally it was the assistance given by the Albanians to the Turks
that is basis of the Serb hatred of Albanians today, and reflected in last few years in Kosovo). The Turks had already taken Bulgaria. At first Hungary tried to make concessions to The Turks
and pay large sums of money as tribute. But then it bacame apparent the Turks were going to invade anyway.
The bat figure of the story book Dracula is based on his emblem which was a Black Dragon (Dracula means son of the Dragon). But the point of this story is Dracula's fierce, bloody, and
uncompromising resistance to the Turks, and his cleverness and trickery. Before Dracula was finally defeated, the Turks lost several hundred thousand soldiers. There was no surrender,
no prisoners. Fight was to the death. It was typical of the Islamic invaders to give choice to invaded locals. Convert to Islam or have head cut off. Invading armies relied on obtaining
local supplies along the way. Dracula's response was immediate death sentence to any giving support to the enemy. So farmers resisted the Islamic invaders as best the could.
As a matter of fact and the reason Dracula was pictured as "bloodthirsty" (he actually was known to dip his bread in the blood of some of those he executed), is really, besides his bloody resistance to Islam, the fact there was virtually no crime in Romania. There were no jails no prisons. There were only three punishments. Adulterers were skinned alive. An able bodied
person who was lazy and refused to work had his hands cut off on assumption  he didn't need them. For all other crimes of whatever magnitude, the only punishment was death by
Dracula demonstrated the effectiveness of his peacekeeping and crime prevention by placing unguarded in each village at the village well, a priceless solid gold goblet, worth more than
any villager could make in several lifetimes. Villagers could use the goblet for drinking from the well. NO GOBLET WAS EVER STOLEN FROM THE WELL.
The point of my story, is that after the death of Dracula, the Turks succeeded in taking all of the Balkans, the Hungarian heartland and most of its territory. But the devastating losses
that the Turks suffered from Dracula, as well as losses in Serbia, left the Islamic army weakened sufficiently, that Austria came to the aid of the remnants of Hungary and were able to drive
the Turks out of Hungary and the Balkans, except for Albania. Had not Dracula resisted and caused the Turks such great losses, then The Turks might have consolidated winnings in Hungary
and gone on to take all of Eastern Europe, since they could and were coming into Russia from other direction. Then the story of the next two centuries would have been the struggle of Western
Europe to resist being taken by Islam. Columbus never would have sailed to the West, since all resources of Western Europe would be fighting Islam. Europe was weak then due the 13th and
14th century losses from their Crusades to the Middle East. I think eventually all Europe would have fallen to Islam, and by today Islam may have succeeded in their avowed goal of world conquest. Everyone today would be subject to Islam.
So, let us thank Dracula, as the Pope of the Catholic Church did, for his uncompromising resistance to Islam. Rather than thank him for inspiring Stoker to write of vampire.
By the way, Dracula's castle is a tourist attraction today in Romania. but local people still think the castle is haunted. I hope you get the point of this story.

Thomas Moore.


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